Killer Bee Characteristics

There are many characteristics of the killer bee species that differentiate them from the rest. Let's take a closer look at some of these characteristics and see what gives the killer bee it's name. A couple of the most obvious characteristics are it's size in relation to the European Honey Bee and the it's attitude. Let's see how these characteristics make this species one of the most feared on the planet.

Small Size

The fact that the killer bee is significantly smaller than the native honey bees in North and South America makes them a little easier to classify. While they look the same as the common honey bees that we all know, these bees are noticeably smaller to the naked eye.

Being small has it's advantages, though. These bees are faster as a result of their size and are much less quick to tire as they aren't using nearly the energy that a larger bee would. Another advantage to being small is that these little bees can escape predators much quicker. Not only that, they have less things that want to eat them simply because they're less filling.

Extremely Protective

Probably what makes Killer Bees so well known is the fact that they are so protective over their colony. These bees have been known to track their victims for up to a mile. They are absolutely relentless. Once you get a colony of Killer Bees swarming, you'd better run.

Most of what you hear on television and in books is a bunch of bologna. You can't jump in a lake and wait for them to leave. They will wait for you. You can't just stand still and hope that they will lose interest either. It's would be really difficult to stand there straight faced with these little guys laying into you.