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Killer Bees

Killer Bees are incredible insects. These bees are known pests, and have been terrorizing man since he created the species. Let's take a much closer look at killer bees. We will talk about the similarities between these and other types of bees, and cover a wide variety of information on killer bees. Here are a few of the things that we will be covering on the site.

Characteristics Of Killer Bees

There are several identifying characteristics of Killer Bees. Firs of all, killer bees are a little smaller than the traditional European Honey Bee. You must remember that these two species of bee are extremely similar. Another identifiable characteristic of killer bees is the fact that they are extremely fierce attackers. They are known to track their victims for up to a mile just to deliver their painful sting. Click here to learn more about the characteristics of killer bees.

Colony Members

There are three different types of killer bees that make up the colony. While these colonies can reach several thousand members, they are all one of the following. Every colony has a queen, drones, and workers. Each colony member has their own job. The queens job is to lay eggs, the drones job is to mate with the queen, and the workers job is to, you guessed it, work! Click here to learn more about the killer bee colony.

Killer Bee Reproduction

Reproduction in killer bees is identical to that of other types of bees. They go through a number of changes on their way to adulthood. This section of the site will give you more information on the different stages of life that killer bees go through, as well as how the growing bees develop during each stage of development. Click here to learn more about Killer Bee reproduction.

The History Of Killer Bees

Killer bees have a pretty interesting history. These bees were introduced into the wild due to man's foolish carelessness, and the impact that mistake has had on native life is totally unreal. These bees are well known for destroying entire colonies of other bees, as well as other insects. Check out my page donated to the population growth of this animal, as well as other interesting historical facts related to this animal. See "The History Of Killer Bees".


Killer bees thrive in warm weather and their colonies have spread quickly throughout North and South America. Get more detailed information on where these bees will likely be located according to recorded data. Learn what to look for if you believe that you might be infested by killer bees. Click here to learn more about the bees preferred habitat.

Additional Information On Killer Bees

Below you can find some links and other stuff to help you learn more about the killer bee, it's cousins, and more.


As the site grows we will offer more and more articles. Visit this section of the site to view a variety of republished and original articles related to the killer bee. Killer Bee Articles


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