Killer Bee Colony

The Killer Bee Colony is made up of the same three types of bees as other species colonies are. They consist of a queen that lays the eggs, the drones that mate with the queen, and the workers who make sure that the hive is built to everyone's liking and gather food for the young Killer Bee larvae. Let's take a closer look at these three types of Killer Bees and see how each one contributes to the colony.


The queen is the largest bee in the colony. She has an extremely important task to fulfill.. While no one colony member's job is more important than the next, you could probably guess that this gal's position in the work force is similar to that of the "boss". She's the one that lays the eggs for the colony. Her sole purpose in life is to mate and have more and more little baby bees.


The job of the drones is pretty similar to that of the queen. These little guys have it even better though. They don't even have to lay eggs. The only thing that drones do in their whole life is sit around and get fat, and mate with the queen. Drones are medium in size. They are larger than the workers, but smaller than the queen. Their bodies are generally a little more elongated in appearance than that of the workers as well.


The workers are the ones that have it the roughest of all of the bees in the colony. These little guys never get a break. They spend their entire lives running around gathering food to feed to the young bees that are still in the larvae state, as well as the rest of the colony. These bees have other obligations as well. They are responsible for relaying messages when danger is present. They are also in charge of making sure that the hive is constructed and maintained. The worker bees certainly have it harder than any other member of the killer bee colony.